IBEX FINANCE Ltd provides corporate finance services—i.e. all aspects of finance related to an organization, such as: capital investment, operations and budgeting. In addition to “classic” corporate finance services, IBEX FINANCE Ltd also provides for “transactional” services in case of M&A or successions. “CFO services”, provided, either on a regular basis, or ad interim only, complete the offer

Capital Budgeting

Capital budgeting services are advantageous in situations where a client company is confronted with the question, whether a major investment (e.g. a long-term project, like investments in facilities, equipment, machinery, etc.) is worth being done under a financial perspective. Capital budgeting decisions have major effects on a client’s operations and, the smaller a corporation, the greater the potential impact, since the investment being made could represent a substantial percent of the available client company’s assets. This is where IBEX CAPITAL Ltd comes into play, advising client companies in order to improve their long-term profitability and, thus, creating—so called—“shareholder value”. Clients are usually legal entities (i.e. corporations), although capital budgeting services are also very useful to individuals (i.e. entrepreneurs).

Working Capital Management

Working capital, also known as “net working capital”, is the difference between a company’s current assets (e.g. cash, accounts receivable, inventories of raw materials and finished goods, etc.) and its current liabilities (e.g. accounts payable, interest payable, etc.). Working capital management services relate to the assessment, and following improvement, of a client’s working capital management practices. With consideration to the strategic role of effective working capital management in the long-term continuation and development of a corporation, at IBEX FINANCE Ltd we review client companies’ cash flows, as well as all processes driving the effective management of working capital. Doing this, we set particular attention to the client company’s specific strategy, policies, culture and structure, as well as all enabling technologies.

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Mergers And Acquisitions (M&A)

In the corporate world a company’s development does not always follow the path of—so called—“organic growth”. Mergers and/or acquisitions (a.k.a. “M&A”) are recurrent and at IBEX FINANCE Ltd we do assist our client companies with financial analysis and pricing, due diligence, preparation of non-binding and final offers, and in the development of negotiation strategies. Furthermore, we do also assist our clients in the determination of search criteria and search strategies with respect to target companies. As we navigate the deal process with the client company, we bring a combination of financial, commercial and operational insight. Where requested, we do also deliver—so called—“fairness opinions” as the final, but optional, step of any transaction managed by a third party. This stage involves a new investigative analysis of a transaction where strategy, main financial risks and any potential deal-breaker are evaluated anew.


A succession plan is a formal process set up in order to determine how a business will be transferred to a third party, may it be during the owner’s lifetime, or upon his death. During the development of a succession plan, the steps necessary for the transitioning to the new owner are outlined. No matter how distant the actual succession may be or seem, succession planning is notably important within small and medium enterprises (SME) where the owner is also the leader. Final objective is to ensure that the value of the business does not suffer from the separation from the owner. At IBEX FINANCE Ltd we assist our clients in preparing such a succession plan, in order to guarantee business continuation, both in case of an outright company sale, as well as for situations where—at incept—only part of the shareholdings is sold.

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External CFO Services (ECFO)

So called “External CFO Services” are financial management services provided to third parties (i.e. corporations) lacking the operational or financial magnitude for the employment of a specialized workforce for the roles of Director of finances, or CFO. With the delivery, on a regular basis, of specialized external competencies, businesses avoid all recurring expenses tied to the employment of in-house workforce. At IBEX FINANCE Ltd we offer our finance functions to selected clients in order to allow them to run businesses smoothly, meeting financial objectives, saving on costs, and increasing—so called—"shareholder value”. Our services cover a broad range of expertise (including management reporting, financial planning, financial statements, and tax strategies) and the level of service is tailored to the specific needs of the client.

Interims CFO Services (ICFO)

So called “Interims CFO Services” are provided only under exceptional circumstances, and only for a limited time-frame. Exceptional circumstances might arise from business internal operational events (e.g. the sudden departure or death of the Director of finances), or unexpected business growth. Where client companies are temporarily in need for specific financial competencies and support, in order to solve special issues arising from exceptional circumstances tied to their operations, then IBEX FINANCE Ltd comes into play. Thanks to the experience gained through our routinely delivered “External CFO Services” (ECFO) and “Corporate Finance Services”, we are set to provide selected companies, doing business under exceptional circumstances, the full value of our services, ranging from working capital management services and capital budgeting services, to managerial accounting and financial reporting.



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